weekend “Watch Off The Grid, the Sci-Fi Battle Royale Miniseries Directed by District 9 and Gran Turismo Director – First Episode Available This Weekend”

The Frankfurt-based studio Gunzilla Games released the first full episode of Off The Grid Cinema, a cinematic mini-series based on its sci-fi battle royale Off The Grid. Image Source: Gunzilla Games The game Off The Grid takes place on a tropical island that unexpectedly turns out to be a tropical island.

Off The Grid: A Sci-Fi Battle Royale Mini-Series

Gunzilla Games, in Frankfurt, released the first full episode of The Grid Cinema. It’s a cinematic mini-series called Off The Grid featuring a sci-fi battle royale in the area on IGN.

In a difficult future, Off The Grid sees three megacorporations clash for control of a tropical island that unexpectedly turns out to be the key to solving looming resource problems.

The First Episode of Off The Grid

The first episode of Off The Grid is named Vincent after Vincent Roberts. The hero is a member of the board of directors of one of the three mentioned megacorporations Cascadia Global, who is holding a teetering pace with chaos.

Neill Blomkamp’s Direction

Off The Grid Cinema isn’t directly related to the games plot, but gives a glimpse of the world of Off The Grid even before it opens. This miniseries tells the stories of those who already involved in the conflict: from corrupt managers to merciless mercenaries.

The project aimed at preparing a range of new ideas is the creation, writing and direction of Neill Blomkamp, director of the film / Films of the District 9 and the film “Big Teesh” at Gunzilla Games.

Features of Off The Grid

  • Open the Grid gives you a map per kilo en format 150-man multiplayer battles and PvE plot missions, as well as the ability to influence the narrative, while it provides unique custom-made/crafted-and-selectable systems.
  • The game will open this year for PC, PS5, Xbox Series X and S. It’s being created on Unreal Engine 5 with the participation of Blomkamp and Science Fiction’s Richard Morgan (Richard Morgan), known for his novel Altered Carbon.


The first episode of Off The Grid is available in more than 1000 words.

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