WWE2K23 2k ! Make early access available for Turkey WWE 2K23

WWE 2K23 The Ultimate Wrestling Experience

Are you ready to step into the ring and become the next WWE Superstar? The highly anticipated WWE 2K23 is here, and it’s bigger and better than ever before. With new and expanded features, stunning graphics, and a roster of WWE Superstars and Legends, this game promises to offer the most immersive wrestling experience yet.

Expanded Features and New Additions

The developers at 2K have been hard at work, expanding and improving upon the already impressive features of the previous WWE 2K games. Here are some of the new features that players can look forward to

  • The return of 2K Showcase, which will focus on the career of WWE legend John Cena.
  • The addition of WarGames, a brutal match type that has been long-awaited by fans.
  • Improved controls and gameplay mechanics, offering a more realistic experience.
  • A deeper creation suite, allowing players to customize their own Superstar, entrance, and moves.
  • An expanded roster of WWE Superstars and Legends, including some surprise additions that will be announced soon.

Gorgeous Graphics

One look at the graphics in WWE 2K23, and it’s clear that 2K has spared no expense. The game boasts stunning visuals, from the realism of the Superstars themselves to the immersive environments and lighting effects. Whether you’re playing on a console or PC, WWE 2K23 offers an experience that is truly next level.

Make early access available for Turkey

Despite the excitement surrounding the release of WWE 2K23, some fans are feeling left out. In particular, the lack of availability in Turkey has caused frustration among wrestling fans in the country. As one fan on the WWE 2K23 page put it

“So I want to pre-order the game here in Turkey, and the game says it will unlock on the 17th. If I can’t pre-order now at least make it available to pre-order on the 14th!”

Unfortunately, it seems that Turkey has been overlooked when it comes to the release of WWE 2K23. As another fan on the same discussion thread pointed out

“They just don’t give a damn about Turkey – sales expectations are probably lower than ever because of inflation, and I doubt it’ll be in a reasonable local price rate if they even decide to release it.”

It’s understandable that fans in Turkey would feel left out, especially since wrestling is a global phenomenon. While there’s no official word on why WWE 2K23 isn’t available in Turkey, some have speculated that it may have to do with issues around localization or licensing.

However, there’s no reason why 2K couldn’t make early access available for Turkey. This would not only give Turkish fans a chance to get their hands on the game before the official release date, but it would also show that 2K values its fans in all parts of the world.

The Benefits of Early Access

Early access is a popular trend in gaming, and for good reason. Offering early access to a game allows fans to get a taste of what’s to come, while also providing valuable feedback to the developers. Here are some of the benefits of early access

  • Increased hype and excitement around the game
  • More feedback and bug reports, leading to a better final product
  • Building a community of passionate fans who are invested in the game’s success

Furthermore, offering early access to fans in Turkey would show that 2K is committed to providing the best possible experience to its fans, no matter where they live. It would also be a smart business move, as it could help to build a stronger fanbase in Turkey and other countries where WWE is popular.

Final Thoughts

WWE 2K23 is shaping up to be one of the best wrestling games yet, with expanded features, stunning graphics, and a deep roster of Superstars and Legends. However, it’s important to remember that wrestling is a global phenomenon, and fans in all parts of the world deserve to have access to the game. Making early access available for Turkey would be a smart move on 2K’s part, and would help to build a stronger fanbase in the country and beyond.

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