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WWE 2K23 Character Editor What Do We Know So Far?

WWE 2K23 is set to be one of the biggest releases in the wrestling game franchise, and fans have been eagerly anticipating the game’s character editor. The create-a-wrestler feature has always been one of the most important aspects of the game, and players are curious to see how it has been improved this time around.


One of the main features of WWE 2K23’s character editor is that it promises to be incredibly customizable. From the facial features to the body type and attire, every aspect of the wrestler can be finely tuned to the player’s liking. Additionally, there will be tons of new items available, such as clothing and accessories, to create a more unique and diverse roster.

One notable addition to the customization options is the ability to add tattoos to your created wrestler. While this may seem trivial, it is a feature that has been requested by fans for years and is sure to make wrestlers even more unique and authentic.

Entrance and Finishing Moves

One of the most important elements of any wrestler’s personality is their entrance and finishing moves. WWE 2K23 has promised to provide players with even more options when it comes to creating these moves, and players can now borrow from the extensive moves library available in the game to create signature moves unique to their wrestlers.

This feature is sure to be a hit with fans who have been clamoring for better entrance and finishing moves for their created wrestlers. It will also give players greater control over their wrestler’s individual personalities and help them to stand out in a sea of other wrestlers.

Graphics and Visuals

Another major feature of WWE 2K23 is the improved graphics and visuals. The game promises to deliver the most realistic and detailed wrestlers yet, and the new graphics engine is sure to enhance the overall experience.

Additionally, WWE 2K23 will feature several new arenas, each with its unique look and feel, and the game’s lighting system will help make the game even more immersive.

The Roster

One of the biggest draws of the WWE games is the vast roster of wrestlers that players can choose from, and WWE 2K23 promises to deliver on this front as well. With a deep roster of current superstars and legends, players will be able to create dream matches and battles between their favorite wrestlers.

However, there is some concern among fans over the fact that many classic wrestlers are now under contract with AEW. This means that WWE 2K23 may not feature some of the classic wrestlers that fans have come to love and expect from previous games.

Additionally, there is some confusion over the absence of wrestlers like Ric Flair from the game. While it is unclear why he was left out, fans are hoping that he will make an appearance in a future update.


Overall, WWE 2K23 promises to be an incredible game with a deep roster of wrestlers, extensive customization options, and improved graphics and visuals. While there are some concerns over the roster and the absence of certain wrestlers, the game’s character editor is sure to be one of the most popular features among players.

Whether you’re a hardcore wrestling fan or just a casual player, WWE 2K23 is sure to provide hours of entertainment and excitement.

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