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WWE 2K23 is the latest iteration of the popular wrestling video game franchise, and it comes with a lot of fanfare. With numerous features that were missing in previous iterations and expanded rosters, it was expected to be a resounding success. However, many gamers have experienced audio issues during the game’s Showcase mode cutscenes. In this article, we will delve into this problem and see what solutions may be available.

The Audio Problem

Many gamers have reported experiencing audio issues during cutscenes in the Showcase mode. For those who may not be familiar, Showcase mode is a single-player campaign that takes players through the career of a particular WWE Superstar or group of wrestlers. In this edition, it focuses on the 20-year career of John Cena. Players have reported that during these cutscenes, the audio doesn’t match up with the visuals, making it difficult to follow the story.

Possible Causes

There are several possible causes of the audio issues in WWE 2K23. Some of these include

  • Game Bugs It’s possible that the game may have some bugs or glitches causing the audio to desync during cutscenes.
  • Compatibility Issues Some players may be running the game on outdated hardware that’s not fully compatible with the game’s audio systems, leading to desync issues.
  • Audio Hardware Problems It’s also possible that the audio hardware of some players’ PCs or consoles isn’t functioning correctly, causing the issue.

Potential Solutions

While the root cause of the audio issues may be hard to determine, there are a few potential solutions that gamers can try to fix the problem, including the following

  • Update Game Patches The game developers are aware of the audio problem and are working on a fix. Players can check for game updates to see if there’s a patch available addressing the audio issue.
  • System Update Updating your system may also help resolve audio issues. For PC gamers, updating audio drivers, DirectX, or the system’s audio settings may make a difference. Console players may have to check if there are any system updates available.
  • Disable Audio Enhancements Disabling audio enhancements in the in-game audio settings may fix audio issues, especially for PC gamers using realtek audio drivers.

The Importance of Audio in Video Games

Audio is an often-overlooked component of video games. However, it’s crucial in setting the tone and atmosphere of the game. Without proper audio, even the best-looking game can seem lackluster.

In WWE 2K23, audio is especially important for the story-driven Showcase mode. Audio helps communicate the emotions, motives, and characters’ personalities, bringing the narrative to life. If the audio doesn’t match up with the visuals, it detracts from the overall experience of the game.


The audio issues in WWE 2K23 have been a significant concern for many gamers. While the root cause of the problem may be hard to pinpoint, there are some potential fixes that gamers can try. Updating the game, system, and disabling audio enhancements may help address the issue.

Ultimately, the developers will have to release an official patch to fix the audio problem fully. However, until then, gamers can try the potential solutions provided above to improve their experience. Hopefully, the developers can address the issue soon to give gamers the full experience they deserve.

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