WWE2K23 Can’t select licensed music for entrance WWE 2K23

WWE2K23 Can’t Select Licensed Music for Entrance

The Issue

One thing that has been frustrating for some players in WWE2K23 is the inability to select licensed music for their wrestler’s entrance. While the game does include a few licensed songs, players are limited to choosing from a small selection of generic music or using the entrance music of a wrestler already in the game. This is a departure from previous iterations of the game, where players could use any licensed music they wanted for their wrestler’s entrance.

Why It’s a Problem

For players who like to create their own unique wrestlers and storylines, the inability to use licensed music limits their creativity and can make the game feel less personal. It’s also frustrating for players who have a strong emotional connection to a particular song and want to use it as their wrestler’s entrance music.

Previous Games

As one commenter pointed out, it’s worth noting which was the last game to allow players to use the game’s original soundtrack as entrance music. That would be WWE 2K19, which was released in 2018. In that game, players had the option to select from a wide range of licensed music in addition to the game’s original soundtrack.

Possible Reasons

It’s not clear why 2K chose to limit the selection of entrance music in WWE2K23, but there are a few possibilities

  • Cost It’s possible that licensing more music for the game was simply too expensive for 2K.
  • Legal Issues There may have been legal issues preventing 2K from licensing certain songs or using them in the game.
  • Focus on Other Features 2K may have chosen to focus on other features in the game, such as the expanded roster and new game modes.


While players can’t select their own licensed music for their wrestler’s entrance in WWE2K23, there are a few workarounds that can make the game feel more personalized

  • Create Custom Entrance Videos Players can use the game’s video creation tools to create custom entrance videos that feature licensed music. While the music won’t play during the actual entrance, it will add a personal touch to the overall presentation.
  • Add Custom Soundtracks Players can add their own music to the game’s soundtrack by creating a custom playlist on their console or PC. While the music won’t play during the actual entrance, it will add a personal touch to the overall presentation.
  • Create Your Own Music For players who are musically inclined, creating their own entrance music is always an option. There are plenty of free music creation tools available online that can help players create unique tracks that fit their wrestler’s persona.


While the inability to select licensed music for wrestler entrances in WWE2K23 is a disappointing omission, there are still ways for players to make the game feel more personal and unique. By using the game’s video creation tools, adding custom soundtracks, or creating their own music, players can still create the wrestling experience they want.

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