WWE2K23 Cody Rhodes Entrance Music Unavailable In The Jukebox WWE 2K23

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WWE 2K23 has been impressing gamers with its new and improved features, but there seems to be an issue with the jukebox music. Many players have reported that Cody Rhodes’ entrance music is not available in the game. Is it a glitch or a known copyright issue? Let’s dive deeper into this matter and find out the reason behind it.

The Issue with Cody Rhodes’ Entrance Music in WWE 2K23

What is the Jukebox Music in WWE 2k23?

The jukebox is a feature in WWE 2K23 that allows players to listen and customize the entrance music of their favorite WWE superstars. It is an excellent way to enhance the wrestling experience and make the game more entertaining.

Why is Cody Rhodes’ Entrance Music Missing from the Jukebox?

According to several reports, the reason behind Cody Rhodes’ entrance music being unavailable in the jukebox is a copyright issue. It seems like the creators of the game did not acquire the rights to use the music, which is why it is not available for players to select.

How Are the Players Reacting?

After discovering that Cody Rhodes’ entrance music is not available in the jukebox, many players have expressed their disappointment and frustration. Some players even demanded that the creators of the game fix this issue as soon as possible.

Is There a Solution?

Unfortunately, at the moment, there is no practical solution to this problem. As it is a copyright issue, the creators of the game have to obtain the permission to use the music before making it available to the players.

The Expanded Features of WWE 2K23

WWE 2K23 features many expanded features that make this game even stronger than its previous versions. Here are some of the new features available in WWE 2k23

1. 2K Showcase

2K Showcase is back, and this time it focuses on the 20-year career of John Cena. Players can relive his most memorable matches and moments in WWE history.

2. WarGames

WarGames is finally here! Players can now play this famous match type in the game and experience the chaos and excitement of the WarGames match.

3. New Graphics

WWE 2K23 features stunning graphics that enhance the overall look and feel of the game. The characters look more realistic, and the arenas and environments are more detailed than ever before.

4. Expanded Roster

WWE 2K23 includes an extensive roster of WWE superstars and legends. Players can select their favorite wrestlers and create their dream matches.


In conclusion, Cody Rhodes’ entrance music being unavailable in the jukebox is a known copyright issue that has disappointed many WWE 2K23 players. However, with its expanded features, gorgeous graphics, and deep roster of WWE superstars and legends, WWE 2K23 remains one of the most entertaining wrestling games available in the market. Let’s hope that the creators of the game acquire the rights to use Cody Rhodes’ entrance music and make it available to the players soon.

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