WWE2K23 Deluxe/Icon edition preload times? WWE 2K23

WWE2K23 Deluxe/Icon Edition Preload Times Everything you Need to Know


WWE 2K23 – the most awaited game in WWE’s 2K series of video games is a few days away from release. However, for hardcore gamers who have pre-ordered the Deluxe or Icon Edition of the game, there is a chance to preload the game before the official release date. In this article, we will discuss everything you need to know about the WWE2K23 Deluxe/Icon edition preload times, including when it is available, how to preload the game, and what to expect from the game.

When is Preload Available for WWE2K23 Deluxe/Icon Edition?

The WWE2K23 game is set to release on March 14, 2023, for all platforms including Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, Xbox Series X/S, and Xbox One. The preloading feature, on the other hand, is available to players who have purchased the Deluxe or Icon edition of the game. The preload feature allows players to download the game ahead of time, giving them the chance to play immediately on the official release date.

According to Steam, the preload option for WWE2K23 Deluxe/Icon edition will be available on March 9, 2023, at 1000 AM PST/100 PM EST. This is five days before the official release date, giving players ample time to download the game and prepare to dive into the world of WWE wrestling.

How to Preload WWE2K23 Deluxe/Icon Edition

To preload WWE2K23 Deluxe/Icon edition, players need to follow these simple steps

  1. Visit the official website of the platform you play the game on (Steam, Xbox Store, or PlayStation Store)
  2. Log in with your account details
  3. Search for WWE2K23 Deluxe/Icon edition
  4. Click on the game and look for the “Preload” option
  5. Click on “Preload” and wait for the download to start

It is important to note that players need to have pre-ordered the Deluxe or Icon edition to access the preload feature. Also, players need to have enough storage space on their device as the game may require a significant amount of space.

What to Expect from WWE2K23 Deluxe/Icon Edition

The WWE2K23 game promises to be even stronger with expanded features, gorgeous graphics, and a deep roster of WWE Superstars and Legends. The Deluxe and Icon editions include even more features and add-ons, including early access to four days prior to WWE2K23 release date, a season pass for future DLC releases and original WWE2K23 theme created by WWE Superstar Wale.

One of the most exciting features of the game is the return of 2K Showcase, an interactive sports documentary that focuses on the 20-year career of John Cena. Players can relive some of his most iconic moments while uncovering hidden gems and unlocking rewards.

Another new feature introduced in WWE2K23 is WarGames. This multi-stage battle royale match type sees four teams of wrestlers face off against each other in a brutal cage match, with the last team standing declared the winner. The game mode promises to be an exciting addition for fans of WWE wrestling.


In conclusion, WWE2K23 Deluxe/Icon edition preload times are crucial for serious gamers who wish to dive straight into the game as soon as it is released. Preloading the game is a simple process, and it gives players a chance to enjoy the game immediately on release day. WWE2K23 promises to be one of the most exciting video games in the series with new features, graphics, and a deep roster of WWE Superstars and Legends. Whether you are a hardcore WWE fan or just a casual gamer, WWE2K23 is a game that is definitely worth checking out.

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