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WWE 2K23 is the latest edition of the popular wrestling video game franchise. With expanded features, gorgeous graphics, and a deep roster of WWE superstars and legends, it promises to be even stronger than its predecessor. However, there has been some criticism of the entrance music in the game. Many fans feel that the music options are a step down from previous editions, with generic and repetitive songs.

The Problem with Entrance Music in WWE 2K23

The entrance music is a crucial part of the WWE experience, both in real life and in the video game. It adds to the character of the wrestler and helps to create an immersive atmosphere for the player. However, many fans feel that the entrance music in WWE 2K23 is lacking in variety and quality.

Limited Song Choices

In previous editions of the game, players could choose their own entrance music from a wide range of songs, including popular tracks from various genres. However, in WWE 2K23, the song choices are much more limited. Many fans feel that the available songs are generic and uninspired, with little variety in terms of genre or style.

Repetitive Music

Another issue with the entrance music in WWE 2K23 is that it can quickly become repetitive. With a limited selection of songs, players often end up hearing the same music over and over again, regardless of which wrestler they are playing as. This can take away from the immersion and excitement of the game, and is a major disappointment for fans who were hoping for more variety.

Possible Reasons for the Limited Song Choices

So why did the developers of WWE 2K23 choose to limit the song choices for entrance music? There are a few possible explanations for this.

Licensing Costs

One reason could be that licensing costs for popular music are simply too high. WWE 2K23 is a big-budget game, but there may not be enough money in the budget to secure the rights to a wide range of songs. This would explain why the available songs are mostly generic and uninspired, as they may be cheaper to license.

Focused on Other Features

Another possibility is that the developers of WWE 2K23 chose to focus their efforts and resources on other features of the game, such as the expanded roster and improved graphics. While entrance music is important, it may not have been a top priority for the development team.

Possible Solutions to the Entrance Music Problem

So what can be done to address the entrance music problem in WWE 2K23? There are a few possible solutions.

Adding More Songs

One simple solution would be for the developers to add more songs to the game. This could be done through updates or DLC (downloadable content). By adding more variety to the available song choices, players would be able to create more unique and interesting entrances for their wrestlers.

Allowing Custom Music

Another solution would be for the game to allow custom music. This would mean that players could upload their own music files to use as entrance music. While this would require some effort on the part of the player, it would also allow for maximum flexibility and variety.


While WWE 2K23 is an impressive game in many ways, the limited entrance music options are a disappointment for many fans. By adding more songs or allowing for custom music, the developers could address this problem and improve the overall experience of the game.

So, if you’re looking for a game that lets you fully customize your entrance music, WWE 2K23 might not be the best option. However, if you’re willing to overlook this issue, there’s still plenty to enjoy in this latest installment of the popular wrestling franchise.

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