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Why WWE2K23 GM Mode has left me disappointed


The WWE2K23 game was highly anticipated by many wrestling fans, especially with the inclusion of the highly-requested GM mode. However, upon its release, many fans like myself felt disappointed and let down by the limitations of the game mode.

Limitations of GM mode

One major limitation is the cap on the number of matches we can book per non-PPV show. As mentioned in the comment above, we are only allowed to book up to four matches per non-PPV event and five matches for PPVs. This limitation makes it difficult to fully utilize the roster of superstars and create a compelling show for our virtual audience.

Additionally, the lack of creativity in booking options is frustrating. The ability to create our own storylines and rivalries is limited, with only a few preset options for feuds and alliances. This takes away from the immersive experience of being a GM and making decisions that impact the show.

Comparison to past GM modes

Many fans were hoping for the return of the robust GM mode from past games, such as Smackdown vs Raw 2008. In that game, we had the ability to book up to six matches per non-PPV event and eight matches for PPVs. This allowed for a more expansive and exciting show, with multiple storylines and rivalries happening simultaneously.

Additionally, the ability to create unique gimmicks and championship belts was a highlight of past GM modes. This feature is unfortunately missing from WWE2K23, limiting the customization options available to players.

The impact on the overall game

The limitations of the GM mode have impacted the overall enjoyment of the game for many fans. While the graphics and roster are impressive, the lack of creativity in the booking options have left fans feeling disappointed and disengaged.

Table Comparing GM Modes

Game No. of Matches per Non-PPV No. of Matches per PPV Gimmick Creation
WWE2K23 4 5 No
SVR 2008 6 8 Yes


In conclusion, while the inclusion of GM mode was exciting for many WWE2K23 fans, its limitations have left us disappointed and frustrated. We can only hope that in future iterations of the game, the GM mode will be improved and expanded to allow for a more immersive experience.

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