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Introducing the WWE2K23 Loyalty System

The WWE2K franchise has always aimed to provide gamers with a realistic and immersive experience of being a WWE superstar. The upcoming WWE2K23 promises to take that experience to the next level with the introduction of the new loyalty system. This feature will allow players to create their factions of WWE superstars, who will stay loyal to each other throughout the game, similar to real-life factions like The New Day and The Bloodline.

How does the WWE2K23 Loyalty System work?

The loyalty system works by creating an invisible bond between members of a faction, making them more likely to work together and less likely to attack each other during matches. Think of it as a way to simulate the chemistry between members of a faction, where they fight together and have each other’s back.

However, the loyalty system is not an automatic feature that is enabled when you create a faction. Rather, you have to work on building loyalty between the faction members through various means. The more loyal a faction member is, the higher the chances they will stay loyal and not turn on their partners.

Building Loyalty in the WWE2K23 Loyalty System

So, how do you build loyalty between faction members in WWE2K23? Here are some ways

1. Consistent Tag Team Matches

One of the best ways to build loyalty between faction members is to play tag team matches consistently. This allows the faction members to develop chemistry and work together in a game setting. As you play more matches, the loyalty between the members will increase.

2. Winning Matches

Winning matches is crucial in increasing loyalty between faction members. As you win more matches as a faction, the members will gain more confidence in each other’s abilities, resulting in increased loyalty.

3. Protecting Faction Members

Another crucial factor in building loyalty in the WWE2K23 loyalty system is protecting your faction members during matches. If a faction member is being attacked by an opponent, step in and defend them. This will not only increase their loyalty towards you but also build your reputation as a leader.

4. Using Faction Taunts

Using faction taunts during matches is a great way to increase loyalty between faction members. This is because taunts are a form of communication between the members, showing that they are working together as a unit. The more taunts you use, the higher the loyalty will be.

Loyalty Slider in the WWE2K23 Loyalty System

Besides the methods listed above, the WWE2K23 loyalty system also has a loyalty slider, which can be adjusted to increase loyalty between faction members. The slider can be found in the ‘edit superstar’ section of the game, and it allows you to customize the amount of loyalty for each faction member. Cranking up the slider to the maximum will result in a high level of loyalty between the members.


In conclusion, the WWE2K23 loyalty system is a significant addition to the game, providing players with a more immersive experience of being a WWE superstar. Building loyalty between faction members takes time and effort, but the results can be extremely rewarding. So, don’t hesitate to create your faction and start building loyalty between your faction members.

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