WWE2K23 Unable to communicate with the server? Anyone else getting this or just me? WWE 2K23


WWE 2K23 has been one of the most awaited games in the wrestling community. With its expanded features, gorgeous graphics, and new roster of WWE Superstars and Legends, the game promised to be a hit among fans. However, some users have been experiencing issues while connecting to the servers. In this article, we will discuss the problem, its possible solutions, and whether other users are facing the same issue.

Unable to Communicate with the Server The Problem

According to some users, they have been experiencing issues while connecting to the servers, and the game is unable to communicate with the server. The problem persists even after restarting the game, and some users have reported that they cannot even attempt to connect to the server. These issues have been reported irrespective of the type of internet connection that the users have.

Is It Only Me or Others Too?

The issue does not seem to be limited to a few users. Several users have shared their plight on the WWE 2K23 General Discussion forum on Steam. One user, for instance, reported that the game initially worked for a moment but then got kicked from the server and could never connect again. Another user stated that none of the other Steam games had issues with the internet, but WWE 2K23 could not seem to connect to the servers. The comments on the forum suggest that several users have been facing the same issue.

What Could be the Possible Solution?

While there is no official solution to the problem, several users have suggested some workarounds that may work. One user suggested restarting the game until it connects to the server. Another user said that they connected to the server after restarting Steam. A third user suggested that changing the location of the game files might help in connecting to the server. However, these solutions may not work for everyone, and there has been no official communication from the developers regarding the issue.


WWE 2K23 is a highly anticipated game for wrestling fans around the world. While the game promises to be even stronger than its predecessors, several users have reported issues while connecting to the server. The problem seems to be more prevalent than what the developers might have anticipated. However, with some workarounds offered by users, players may be able to play the game without facing any issues. We hope that the developers take note of this issue and provide an official solution for the same.

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