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WWE 2K23 is here and with it comes a host of new features, including an updated Entrance Creator. In this article, we’ll be discussing the changes to the Entrance Creator, opinions on these changes and what they mean for fans of the WWE 2K series.

What is the Entrance Creator?

For those unfamiliar with the WWE 2K series, the Entrance Creator is a feature that allows players to create custom entrances for their created wrestlers (known as “CAWs” or “Create-A-Wrestlers”). This includes choosing their entrance music, lighting effects, pyrotechnics, and most importantly, their entrance motion.

Changes to the Entrance Creator in WWE 2K23

One major change to the Entrance Creator in WWE 2K23 is that players can no longer choose a non-champion motion as their title motion. In previous games, players could choose any motion they wanted, regardless of whether their CAW was a champion or not. This allowed for more variety and creativity when creating entrances.

Another change is that players can now choose their wrestler’s facial expression during their entrance. This includes options such as smiling, scowling, or looking serious. This may seem like a small addition, but it can greatly affect the overall feel of the entrance.

Opinions on the Changes

Opinions on the changes to the Entrance Creator in WWE 2K23 are mixed. Some players are disappointed that they can no longer choose a non-champion motion as their title motion, as it limits their creativity. Others argue that this change is more realistic and adds to the immersion of the game.

The addition of facial expressions has been mostly well-received by players, as it allows for more customization and personality in their CAWs.


The changes to the Entrance Creator in WWE 2K23 raise an interesting question Should realism or creativity be prioritized in video game design?

On one hand, adding limitations to the Entrance Creator may make the game feel more like the real WWE, where certain entrance motions are reserved for champions. However, this may also stifle creativity and limit players’ ability to create unique CAWs.

On the other hand, allowing players complete freedom in the Entrance Creator may lead to unrealistic and over-the-top entrances that wouldn’t be seen in the real WWE. However, it would also allow for more creative and unique CAWs.

Ultimately, the decision to prioritize realism or creativity is up to the game developers and what they feel is best for the overall experience of the game.

Pros and Cons of the Changes to the Entrance Creator

Pros Cons
More realistic Less creativity
Facial expressions add more customization Champion motion requirement may limit players
Consistency with real WWE May lead to less unique CAWs


The changes to the Entrance Creator in WWE 2K23 have sparked discussion and debate among fans of the series. While some may see the limitations on non-champion motions as a positive, others may view it as a negative that limits creativity. Either way, the addition of facial expressions to the Entrance Creator is a welcomed update that adds more customization to the game. It will be interesting to see how these changes affect the overall experience of WWE 2K23, and what additional updates may come to the game in the future.

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