year “Pre-Register for Mighty DOOM Before March Launch – Get Ready for an Epic Adventure!”

Mighty DOOM Pre-Registrations Open Before March Launch

Bethesda Softworks has announced that their new mobile game, Mighty DOOM, will be available for pre-registration before its launch in March. The game is based on the classic DOOM experience, but with a toy-based feature to make it more suitable for children. Read on to find out more about this exciting game.

Introducing the Mini Slayer

Players take control of the Mini Slayer, an all-new, miniaturized, but mighty character that is famous for that classic DOOM Slayer. After an energy surge rips through a Gibbo toy factory, the Mini Slayer comes to life and is transported to a different height. His mission? To save Daisy, his stolen pet, by killing all the demons that stand in his way.

Run & Gun Arcade Action

Unleash the power of the Mini Slayer and slay a thousand demons in this adorably violent and intense top-down shooter. Players can build their world-class weapons and skills with advanced weapons and powerful skill, as they utilize their reflexes to dodge and turn their weapons into enemies to destroy their enemies.

Rogue-Lite Challenge

If players fall in battle, they can rise again and fight and continue by increasing weapons and equipment, and even finding new combinations of skills to destroy the demon hordes.

Animated Universe

Experience the original animated DOOM universe, a second reality of the animated universe inspired by the collection of original DOOM Eternal toys. Players will now be able to fight a war against Hell and its demons, with a big gore and violence.

Bonus for Slayers Club Members

Slayers Club members will receive a exclusive, club-themed Mini Slayer skin during the release of the game. To receive the item, players must register themselves at the table and play a single-time connection to their Club account.

Pre-Register Now for Mighty DOOM

Mighty DOOM is a fast-paced, action-packed game that will bring the classic DOOM experience to your mobile device in a unique and exciting way. Pre-register now to get exclusive items and be one of the first to experience the game when it launches in March!

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